18 Apr

Beyond grateful that I had quality few months with my parents and had the opportunity to visit India. India nourished our souls while providing us the positive distraction with all the hustle and bustle. We spent the time in donating and praying.

Dukha (pain/suffering) and Sukha (happiness/bliss) co-exist together and occur side by side. They are often considered a forced couplet. In thermodynamics and Vedic philosophy as outlined by the Bhagvat Geeta, destruction creates an opportunity for growth.

This catastrophic event has brought so much dukha to our lives and is still difficult for my family to process and digest. However, it has also brought a splash of Sukha in our lives by reconnecting family members, rejuvenating old friendships and reigniting our community.

Two days after my brothers passing, a splurge of relatives came to my family’s house. We felt the warmth, love and for short periods of time, we would get distracted and forget our dukha. It was hard not to laugh at jokes or chit-chat the night away with my cousins as we reminisced stories of our Devansh.

 This incident also brought friends back into my life who I had not talked to or connected with for many years. Friends who I once considered second family but I did not maintain that friendship, they re-entered back into my life.

As much as this process is a whole lot of Dukha, I have to be grateful for all the Sukha that has come with it too.

Special love and shoutout to all the family and friends who have been there by my family’s side.

Thank you Devansh Bhai so much for bringing family, friends and community together- you did this.

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