21 Jan

Dear Bhai, 

It has been three weeks without hearing your voice or seeing your face.

You would have loved to see how many flowers, cards, and food our family has been receiving in your honor, more than you ever received when you were still with us.

 It is sad, infuriating, and hilarious to see how many folks have paid their condolences, but none of them knew you that well when you were with us. I have channeled your bottled-up feelings and methodically expressed them to the folks who need to hear them. You will be proud of me wherever you are and smile at my strong remarks.

Unfortunately, that is just how this world works, I can't go into the past and bring you back to life, but I'm raising my voice to carry forward your story.

My sincere apology that in this life the only people who understand you were the parents and myself. Your story will help others, many of whom may be going through the same situation, and give insight to those who did not understand you.

My new life purpose is to carry your voice forward.

I hope this public letter reaches your atman (soul) and your atman finds peace as it keeps elevating to a new body.

Love always,

Your Favorite “Spirit of the Nerds”,

 Nirja Rakesh Parikh

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