18 Apr

Today is my elder brother's first heavenly birthday.

Daan is a Sanskrit word that translates to “charity” or “giving”. 

Here are the ways that I am celebrating his birthday and some ways that you can help me honor him.

The ways that I am celebrating:

1. I visited his favorite temple, BAPS Chino Hills of the Hindu denomination

 2. I donated to the BAPS Trust fund, World Wildlife Fund, and ASPCA, which rescues pets and animals locally. We got 2 of our dogs from this rescue organization

3.. I donated to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). My brother had struggled with his mental health illness, and NAMI needs critical funding to further research into mental health

4. I will donate zoo tickets to 10 participants who subscribe to my website blog

Here are some ways you can help honor Devansh:

1. Also donate to NAMI. While we have achieved breakthrough medical advances, our knowledge of mental health is still minimal, and the number of people affected keeps growing.

2. Subscribe to my website and Blog 

3. Read a book every week, which was my brother’s favorite hobby

4. Check in on a friend in need. There were many times that I wished Devansh’s friends and extended family had reached out to Devansh and shown him that we cared about him.

5. Walk in nature. My brother loved nature and animals. 

6. Hug a loved one! Life is too short and unpredictable. Please take the time to hug a loved one fiercely today.

7. Buy my calendar with my brother’s photographs from his Uganda/Zambia trip on my website

8.Sit in silence for 5 minutes. My brother practiced Vipasana, mindfulness, and would go on silent retreats once a year for mental clarity.

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