21 Jan

What a tragic loss- Bhai had the most unique and intelligent mind. By the age of 3, he had read and memorized the Encyclopedia of Mammals. He has read all 28 books of the Bhagvad, 18 chapters of Bhagvat Geeta, Yoga Sutras, Vachanamrut and way more.

Jai Shree Krishna and Jai Swaminarayan

He was always so misunderstood. His strong willed and argumentative personality did not fit into a mold like others, including like myself and instead of bolstering his talents, society shunned him. When we first moved to USA, he skipped a school grade and was made fun of due to his body size being smaller than the other kids. When we went to a caucasian majority school, he was made fun for being different. Amongst our own people in various religions schools, he was belittled since he had the curiosity and guts to question and argue with the teachers. When in middle and high school, he was bullied a plethora of times in violent manners from affluent families kids but was always the one who got in trouble. The community and society failed to understand Bhai.

 At this time, I want to take the time to be his voice- since no-one heard or got to know him on a deeper level besides me and my parents. When I was younger, I made up a song "nani Bhen moth Thai Gaye, motha bhai nano Thai gayo," meaning little sister became older sister and older brother because little brother. Oh the Irony- today I am the voice taking the role of an older sister. Bhai would have been so happy to see how loved and appreciated he was, he never got the fanfare or the celebrations he deserved in this life. I had an arangetram, graduation party, wedding, countless birthday parries celebrating me- he had none. Devansh was always the more quiet one of us two and preferred to sit in his room and read; he never stole my spotlight. 

He loved to read- we would go on brother/sister dinner dates where he would read his kindle and I would talk away. He has read over a thousand books ranging from animals to history to philosophy to war to geography, geopolitics and religion. The most amazing thing about Devansh was his ability to remember and retain everything he read. Since childhood, Devansh was obsessed with his IQ and was found to be overall top 10% and top 5% for reading, language and memory skills. I never had the passion for reading like Bhai. Every Rakshabandhan my brother always gifted me a book. I would always get so mad that he gifted me books instead of money but he always said that books will last me all my life and money would not. The books he gifted me were ones he would read and highlight and write notes on the side for me. He was right- I will keep reading his notes on the Ramayan, Bhagvad Geeta, Natya Shastra and Yoga Sutras all my life.

Not many people in this world got to know how funny my brother was. He always had jokes and his own quirks and lingo that he used for all of us. He also was able to do mimicry and imitations of all accents and famous folks. 

Another thing most folks do not know about Devansh is how religious he was. He was a very proud Hindu. As I was going through his stuff, I found a journal entry where he wrote: "I am grateful for being a Hindu in this declining civilization, I am a descendant. My forefathers must have sacrificed so much for me to be born a Hindu". One term Devansh always keep scripting and was fascinated by birth is "Tyagi." Tyagi is an ascetic, a sadhu who has renounced worldly attachments. Bhai's two role models from childhood were Adi Shankracharya and Swami Vivekananda. Both of these gurus/saints helped shape and spread Hinduism but also left this world at a young age in their 30's, just like Bhai. In my eyes, Bhai you succeeded in being a tyagi.

Bhai, I know your atman (soul) is here reading and listening to us but gosh I wish I could hear you. All week, I have been looking through old videos and live pics to just hear your voice. I want to hear the way you made fun of me all the time or play with our bacchas/dogs. I love you too much and thank you for teaching me to humble myself, teaching me the importance of spirituality and culture, stepping me off of my comfort zone. You were always so proud of me and spoke so highly of me; well Bhai I have and always will be proud of you- you are the bravest soul I have ever known.

There is so much more I want to say since you never got a platform to speak your truth but this is hard- I never imagined this situation nor am I 100% certain this is real. But I wish your atman (soul) achieves Moksha or gets reborn into a life where you get all the happiness and success that you did not get in this life.

January 2, 2023- your soul left your body and as per Hindu Calendar it was also Putra Daan Ekadashi- what a great day for the son of our Parikh Family to return back to God's home. I love you so much Bhai and I will carry your voice forward for the rest of my life.

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